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Dirty rugs can be a center for germs, allergens, bacteria, pet dander, rotting particles, bad odor and even minute bugs.Having rugs professionally cleaned will make them improved and help recollect the beauty and sturdiness over time.The key to cleaning rugs is to give them an upright bath and the only way to do that is with a professional cleaning with VB Carpet Cleaner.We use a gentle shampoo and lots of fresh water in our tradition wash bath, to deep clean the fibers of rugs.Rugs in high traffic areas can amass huge amounts of dust and should be cleaned every year.


  • Pet Urine Rug Sanitization

Pet Urine on rugs should be professionally cleaned as quick as possible. If allowed to sit, the Urine will start to break down the fibers of rug, instigating permanent damage and discoloration. Our company achieve the best results removing pet urine from your rugs with a full water engagement clean. This allows us to release the urine and wash it away with clean water.

  • Rug Odor Removal

Odor Removal services treats the tricky problem at the source rather than masking it and the first phase is to wash the rug.During the wash we use an anti-allergen deodorizer to eradicate rug odor.

  • Spot Cleaning Rugs

While it is not thinkable to eradicate all spots and stains on rugs, our Rug Specialists have framed a pre wash treatment that helps the bathe lift stains during the wash.To avoid stains becoming permanent, it is essential to act fast.


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Great service!
My new apartment had serious issues and these guys were awesome! zach far exceeded my expectations and had more knowledge than anyone else I spoke with. If you have pets and need carpet cleaning, these are the guys to call. Great Job!

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At VB Carpet Cleaners we truly believe that the only way to fully understand a customer’s need, a different approach is required, therefore we always observe each job we handle from our customers point of view.

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Each rug is pickled with respect to its history. We begin each cleaning with an inspection of the texture, pile, colorfastness, condition of the rug. The rug is then dusted, eradicating soil and dust from the fibers and the cleaning procedure begins. Each rug is gutted by hand being treated with specialized cleaning products and odour removers tailored precisely to your rug. The rug is then cleaned multiple times, dried, and then turned-out to perfection.

We services hand-knotted rugs as well from all around the world. Our experts specialize in fine area rug cleaning. We are able to modify our cleaning methods to hundreds of different types of rugs. Machine made rugs are also serviced.We assure that we are the best area rug cleaners near you that can knob your rug with care. We are proficient by the best rug restoration experts in the Virginia Beach area.Some rugs require the dry-cleaning method depending upon the texture. Other rugs retort better to submersion cleaning method. Low pH products are used to safeguard safe and gentle results with no residue. Special courtesy is paid to stain and spot removal and the prevention of color loss or dye bleeding. The cleaning and rinsing process used by our company will leave your area rug soft and honeyed to the touch.

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