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Dryer Vent Cleaning  Near Me in Virginia Beach

Dryers are machines that we put to use every day and that most of us take for granted that it will work every day without creating any issues internally. Due to our busy lives, it’s hard to recall maintenance on something we don’t think much about, until it breaks. VB Carpet Cleaner’s Air Duct Cleaning service in Virginia Beach offers a reminder for everyone to have dryer vents cleaned at least once a year with professionals to prolong the life of your dryer, to encourage clean air in home, and to defend your family from a fire.

Dryer Vent Cleaning – Virginia Beach

There are different common signs which indicates that it’s time to call our professionals to have your dryer vents cleaned.  

    • Clothes aren’t drying carefully – A dryer works by forcing out the hot, moist air from clothes and pull in dry air to last the process. However, if dryer vent is clogged, this moist air stays in the dryer, recirculating and not actually drying clothes. This is not only maddening, but it also upsurges the wear and tear on dryer, marginalizing its lifespan, and it brings rise in electric bill.

    • Outside of the dryer feels burning to the touch – This is caused by a clogged dryer vent. Dryer can’t drain properly, so dryer never gets the chance to cool off.

    • When one notices a burning smell – This is from the lint that accrues in the dryer. Lint is very combustible, so if you notice a burning smell, cease use immediately and call our professional dryer vent cleaning service.

  • One notice lint coming out the dryer opening – The dryer opening is where the air from dryer moves out. If one witness lint around the opening, it’s time for dryer vent service.


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My new apartment had serious issues and these guys were awesome! zach far exceeded my expectations and had more knowledge than anyone else I spoke with. If you have pets and need carpet cleaning, these are the guys to call. Great Job!

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The impression of dryer vent cleaning near me may not even cross one’s mind, but as you can see it is an indispensable task that that needs to be frequently scheduled. Especially depending upon how often one uses the dryer. Dryer vent cleaning services will make sure that the dryer is working properly and that your entire family are harmless from any potential dangers.

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